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Over the decades, automobiles made by Honda have gained a lot of popularity all around the globe. If you are looking for speed, reliability and space, Honda is the place for you. The engineers know that people have different tastes and preferences, so they have made the models as diverse as possible. If you are on the lookout for a new car, here are the most popular Honda models that will absolutely blow your mind.

Honda Accord

Since its release, the Honda Accord captivated the hearts of many drivers. From the smooth handling to the roomy interior, the automobile is an absolute charm. Even better, you can get the car in either automatic or manual mode. With the turbocharged cylinder and engine, you can go for miles with this beauty. Its performance is also outstanding on both the highways and dirt roads. Most clients have described the vehicle as fun to drive and even breathtaking to look at.

Honda Civic Si

Riding closely to the Honda Accord is the Honda Civic Si. Unlike the Honda Accord, the Civic Si can only be found in the manual mode. However, the cargo space it provides plus the additional cushioning for your back on the seats is outstanding. The interior is also impressive, and the turbocharged cylinder gives handling a natural feel. The Honda Civic Si can be found in both the sedan and coupe form. Therefore, you are not limited to buying a four-door car if you seek one that has two doors.

Honda Civic Type R

If you love sporty cars, a Honda Civic Type R is the one for you. The exterior design includes a hatchback which completes the sporty look. As for strength, the manual transition vehicle has a turbocharged engine that makes the most beautiful roaring sound. The automobile has stolen the hearts of people around the globe.